Dario Firusbakht

Dario started practicing Iyengar yoga in 2008. At the beginning it was just for fun and curiosity, wondering if yoga could help alleviate the fatigue of a long day at work, but in a short time yoga has become a very important aspect of Dario's life and his practice has intensified more and more. In the following years Dario attended several yoga workshops with Abhijata Iyengar and with some of the leading italian Iyengar teachers. To these days Dario still studies Iyengar yoga regularly. In 2013, having developed a strong and intense personal practice, he started to get into Ashtnaga yoga, until he found "his place" at It's Yoga Florence where he practice Asthanga and Larry Schultz Rocket yoga method appreciating both the hard physical side as well as the relaxed and inclusive teaching approach. In 2016 Dario completed the 200 RYT teacher training at It's Yoga Firenze.